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Hello, my beautiful light tribe!

What do the body, mind and soul all have in common? 




Understanding this energetic connection is HUGE! This is where we have the power to tap into extraordinary possibilities.


But first we have to dismantle the energetic baggage we’ve accumulated along the way. But how do we do this? As fate would have it, I was introduced to The Emotion Code. The Emotion Code was developed by a holistic physician by the name of Dr. Bradley Nelson.


Here, he reveals how emotionally-charged events from the past can haunt you in the form of “trapped emotions”; emotional energies that literally inhabit your body. Through this modality, we learn that trapped emotions can create pain, malfunction and eventual disease.


In addition, trapped emotions can have a dramatic effect on how you think, the choices that you make and how successful you will be. 

Candle on a table at an ocean view cafe,

HELLO! Say what?! 


I immediately knew this was something I had to learn! I began the certification process through Discover Healing and in April, 2019, I became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, then later in December, I became a Certified Body Code Practitioner!  


In my practice, I am connecting with people from around the globe.  My clients are losing pain, they are gaining a sense of clarity like never before and are releasing blocks that have been holding them back for years! 




I’ve seen amazing shifts taking place. It is now my mission to become one of the most sought out practitioners in the world. My desire to help enlighten you is rooted deeply in my soul.


The most powerful thing I have ever heard from Dr. Bradley Nelson is when he said, “Everything that is wrong with your life is just an Energetic Misalignment.”


Understanding the power behind these words can be the key to releasing the energies that are holding us back from everything we have ever wanted. I feel truly blessed to be utilizing this modality to get to the core of what it is that is holding you back, allowing you to emerge the very best version of yourself!


Pain free, tapped into unlimited abundance, free from trapped emotions and experiencing the joy of the release of your Heart-Wall.  

Let’s lock arms and illuminate our lives together!  




Sarah Strizzi

Certified Emotion and Body Code Practitioner

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