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Introductory First Session

$55 - 30-minute session

Welcome to Nurture Light!  Have you wanted to experience the Emotion and Body Code for the first time?  This introductory phone session provides the opportunity for just that.  During your 30 minutes together, Sarah can help answer any questions you may have about the Emotion and Body Code modalities and begin clearing trapped emotions for a targeted focus. 

Booking ONE Session (pay as you go)

$115 – 30-minutes sessions

Pay as you go is an option for clients at Nurture Light.  Sarah will use both the Emotion and Body Codes to release trapped emotions and correct energetic misalignments in the body and or within the Heart-Wall.

Clearing the Heart-Wall (6) Sessions

$105/session – $630 total – 30-minute sessions

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, the greatest discovery in Energy Healing is the Heart-Wall and clearing the layers of trauma over the heart.  If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD or other emotional disorders, this can be an incredibly transformative process for you.

1.  More energy and stronger immune system
2.  Clarity of your mission in life
3.  You will feel more love from others

4.  Your love influence will be more effective
5.  You will have more access to wealth and abundance


Most Popular (12) Session Package

$95/session – $1140 total – 30-minute sessions

Most people realize that clearing their Heart-Wall is just the beginning.  We have made a package where we can work on your heart trauma and then proceed with six more Body Code sessions.


"Everything that is wrong with your life is just an energetic misalignment." - Dr. Bradley Nelson

Sarah uses the Body Code to find the imbalances that are holding you back from abundance, love, and the goals you are looking to achieve at home or in the workplace. She will use the Body Code alignment method to release energies so you can match your goal.  She has helped many clients reach their FULL POTENTIAL!

Body Code Package (6) Sessions

$105/session – $630 total – 30-minute sessions

The Body Code is a remarkable energy healing modality used to correct energetic misalignments affecting every area of your life.  Are you struggling with chronic pain?  Are you wanting to improve your health?  Are you wanting to attract more abundance into your life?  Are you wanting to manifest purposeful relationships?  Would you like more success with your personal and professional goals?  Then this is the place for you!  Let’s work together to align your energy with all of your heart’s desires!

Most Popular Child Package (6) Sessions

$95/session - $570 total – 30-minute sessions

This is the MOST POPULAR package for children.  Throughout these sessions, we will work toward releasing all trapped emotions and dismantling the Heart-Wall, allowing your child to live their very BEST LIFE!

Focus Session Package (3) Sessions

$105/session – $315 total – 30-minute sessions

Do you have a targeted area you’d like to focus on and want the benefit of a multi-session package?  This is the place for YOU!  Let’s spend three sessions together to release what is holding you back!

Email Session

$105/session – 30-minute session

Are you wanting to experience the transformational art of the Emotion and Body Codes, but are short on time?  Sarah can effectively conduct your session via email.  This is a great option for busy people and children.

Pet Benefits

$95/session 30 minutes 

Many of the negative behaviors that pets display can be associated with past traumas and trapped emotions.  Have you noticed if your pet seems depressed, anxious, neurotic, in physical pain or just out of sorts?  If so, the Emotion and Body Code can work wonders for them.  Pet sessions are conducted via email and can create an incredible impact in the life of your furry friend.

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